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Nutcracker was founded by entrepreneurs from the stadium industry with the sole purpose of developing a pitch system that help stadiums increase their utility rate through more event activity without sacrificing playing surface excellence.

Most stadiums only draw a crowd 25–30 days a year, experiencing a utility rate of only 8%. The main reason is the inability to offer the stadium to non-sportive event organisers. Events, such as concerts, are time consuming operations and prove wear intensive on a sport pitch, leaving it in a less than adequate state for games. An event often results in weeks of pitch repair, time rarely available during the sport season.

An increase in event offerings is the key to provide more value and convenience to end customers, and is the easiest and most exciting route to improved stadium revenue. To enable more stadiums worldwide to add to its repertoire we have developed the StadiaPitch™.

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StadiaPitch™ is an automated pitch changeover system that reduces the changeover time between sports and concerts from days to hours. At the push of a button the stadium operator can switch between a football pitch and a concrete event floor. The StadiaPitch can be installed in most new and existing stadiums.

With a StadiaPitch, the grass will no longer limit event bookings and event bookings will no longer reduce the quality of the pitch. Therefore, StadiaPitch will enable your pitch to reach and maintain the highest playing quality standards and your stadium its true market potential.

Multipurpose use

Key advantages

  • Allows for multiple types of events to be held at the same stadium, such as sports, concerts, conferences, and more.
  • Allows for the stadium to be available for rental purposes by companies, organizations, and individuals.
  • Provides more flexibility for the user in terms of the types of events that can be held in one space.
  • Allows for more efficient use of space and resources, reducing operational costs.
  • Makes the stadium a more attractive venue for potential clients and customers.

Why now?

Stadium is an established model with a limited set of features, making it ripe for disruption

  • Consumers are increasingly looking for more convenient, personalized experiences from their sports entertainment.
  • Technology is becoming more advanced and accessible, making it easier for companies to offer more immersive experiences.
  • The sports industry is becoming more customer-centric and open to new ways of engaging audiences.
  • Stadiums are becoming increasingly expensive to build and operate, creating an opportunity for multi-use solutions.


Nutcracker Solutions hold a range of patent families related to multipurpose pitches, modular pitch systems and their operations and maintenance.